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ANS All-In-One

Fully integrated with the TM-Flow for a full-cycle program management

Our in-house medical protocol specialists have worked with the top successful ANS practices to bring you the ultimate treatment platform. The expert management for use of the TM-Flow protocols in your programs will be organized, specific and complete from intake to full billing preparation.

The following is the PECE platform protocol accessed through our medical device platform and managed services.

Step 1: Initial Patient Intake

With our complete patient intake program you receive a thorough subjective review of patient symptoms and conditions. The intake forms can be emailed, filled out on a tablet or manually entered into the system. Through a clear understanding of the symptoms that qualify for the health risk symptoms we give practices the initial data they need for first step analysis in the ANS Testing Lifecycle.

Qualifying symptoms include:

Blurred vision
Elevated blood Sugar
Extreme thirst
Frequent urination
Fatigue (tiredness)
Increased hunger
Numbness & tingling in hands or feet
Angina (severe chest pain, often spreading to shoulder, arm, back, neck, or jaw)
Chest pain that goes away with rest
Pain in calves
Shortness of breath
TIA (mini-stroke)
Burning sensations
Painful contact with Socks or bed sheets
Pebble or sand-like sensation in shoes
Stabbing or electrical shock sensation
Pins and needles sensation in feet
Blood-clot in a vein (venous thrombosis)
Irregular heartbeat, too fast/slow (atrial fibrillation)
Difficulty digesting food
Dizziness or fainting
Exercise intolerance
Sexual difficulties
Sweat abnormalities
Urinary problems
Swelling of ankles
Cold, clammy, pale skin
Lack of concentration
Lack of energy
Rapid, shallow breathing

Step 2: Medical necessity verification

Once the patient intake is finalized PECE™ Platform runs algorithms which present ICD codes for physician medical necessity review on ordering the ANS test. These are potential risk factors, symptoms and disease states that may exist giving the physician the initial data needed to bill for medical necessity on the first exam day. Physicians pick from the list of potential ICD codes and those are put into the doctor’s subjective notes that are added to the billing encounter data.

Step 3: Physician quick dashboard review

Once the ANS exam is completed and loaded into PECE™ our algorithms read the data of the test and present valuable and actionable information. Immediately in the doctors portal is a consolidated list of qualified ICD codes giving doctors a quick review without having read the longer form exam. This allows physicians to make quick assessments and determine patient care protocols from the consolidated list.

Step 4: Validation of potential next steps

The data obtained through ANS testing with the TM-Flow is much greater than what can be billed. Our expert team has validated the medical markers leading to additional next step testing greatly assisting physicians in their decision protocols. Post exam physicians have access to the medical necessity validation of the following 21 exams:

Blood tests
CT scan
Ultrasound / vascular studies
Thermoregulatory sweat tests
Advanced ECG
Small fiber neuropathy testing
Stress tests
Chest X-Ray
Glucose tolerance testing
Holter monitor
Bone scan

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