The main causes of autonomic neuropathy are as follows:

*metabolic factor such as high blood glucose, long duration of diabetes, abnormal blood fat levels and possibly low levels of insulin

*neurovascular factors leading to damage to the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to nerves

*autoimmune factors that cause inflammation in nerves

*mechanical injury to nerves such as carpal tunnel syndrome or inherited traits that increase susceptibility to nerve disease

*lifestyle factors such as smoking or alcohol use

*vitamin deficiencies particularly B vitamins

*Biemer’s anemia

*infections such as lymes disease, shingles Epstein-Barr, hepatitisC and HIV/aids

*kidney liver or thyroid disorders
exposure to toxins

*repetitive physical stress possibly from occupational activities

There are many symptoms of Autonomic Neuropathy. These are:

*Cardiovascular symptoms including resting tachycardia, exercise intolerance orthostatic hypotension and silent myocardial ischemia

*Gastrointestinal symptoms include esophageal dysmotility, gastroparesis diabeticorum, constipation, diarrhea and fecal incontinence

*pupillary symptoms include Pupillomotor function impairment

*Genitourinary symptoms include neurogenic bladder, erectile dysfunction retrograde ejaculation and female sexual dysfunction

*metabolic symptoms include hypoglycemia unawareness and hypoglycemia associated autonomic failure

*Sudomotor symptoms include anhidrosis, heat intolerance, gustatory sweating and dry skin