The PECE Marketing System

The most profitable way to onboard new patients.

The PECE Marketing Platform is 3 to 4 times more profitable than the popular first visit
new patient programs.


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The PECE Medical Device Marketing System Platform

is the most powerful way to service a physician practice as a business. This system was made possible through the integration to specific FDA cleared, highly valued Medical Devices and the cloud-based software platform that manages them. We bring the science and strength of practicing good medicine to the forefront of the highest possible earning potential a physician has for the acquisition of a new patient. So far superior that marketing with the science of our programs will change and take new patient acquisition for your practice to a whole new level.

Superior Marketing Methodology

Reputation and medical services are the predicates a marketing company is challenged with when developing new patient programs for a practice. Presenting the argument of credibility and quality service can be seen in almost all medical advertising across the board. Because every agency is focusing on these same dynamics it becomes challenging to facilitate an affordable CPA. The more marketing agencies specialize their art the more “noise” there is. Noise because when everyone is following the same methods and those who win are the ones that are the loudest paying for the largest number of impressions.

By using the PECE medical device Platform, your practice gains access to our superior marketing methods which will immediately set your efforts and practice from all the noise. We are taking a very different approach to new patient acquisition. We interest the potential patient in the opportunity of taking an exam giving the doctor over 120 biomarkers of data on their state of health. This Health Risk Analysis is FDA cleared and paid by both private and government insurance.The science behind the exam is in Autonomic Nervous System and Vascular System testing across 8 major areas of health risk.

The analysis shows the doctor if the patient is at risk for Diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy, Heart Attack, Tachycardia, Nerve Damage in all major systems and organs plus the condition of health for the entire circulatory system. The symptoms that prequalify a patient listed on our direct response pages are very common. Headaches, frequent urination, heart burn, tingling feet, exhaustion, depression, sweating, light headedness, exercise intolerance, nausea, shortness of breath just to name a few. 9 out of 10 patients usually have one or more symptom and qualify for this exam.

We are speaking primarily to the concern of the patient for their health, however, we do wish to help boost the reputation of the physician and/or the practice if necessary with our superior marketing methods. Our approach through the PECE Medical Device Platform and marketing model is completely different and has the distinct advantage over the anxiety marketing directed to the concern of the patient and their state of health. This is a distinct advantage for both longstanding and brand new practices. Longstanding practices have less chance of social and ad buying initiatives putting them at risk for negative feedback by past patient experience. We are marketing the exam as the flagship for new patient acquisition not the doctor. For new practices that have little reputation this gives them the advantage of not having to get creative to show their value. Patients come in to get the exam due to not because they were convinced of the physician’s or practice’s credibility.

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Medical Necessity

We have developed an automated process where patients fill out an intake selecting insurance and symptoms which is therefore scored against the Medical Necessity algorithms of our cloud-based system.Through those algorithms, our PECE medical device Platform helps determine the necessary medical codes so that you as the doctor can better and more easily diagnose a patient.

The credentialed individuals at the practice are able to view the symptoms and insurance information through the BackOffice of the PECE Platform through the form the potential patient submitted. The doctor has access to the report submitted by the new patient from the form they submitted through their own device, they can therefore assess the patient and determine medical necessity. Because of the science of PECE, we are able to qualify medical necessity due to our algorithms, this would not be possible in any other environment.

Superior first visit physician data

The TM-Flow medical device helps identify up to 20 diseased states and helps identify symptoms early on so the state does not become more severe. This device analyzes 8 health risk factors: Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction Risk, Sudomotor Dysfunction Risk, Endothelial Dysfunction Risk, Insulin Resistance, Cardiometabolic Risk, Plethysmography Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Risk, and Small Fibre Neuropathy Risk. This device can help a patient analyze their symptoms and narrow down the wide-ranging medical diagnoses period.

This first visit data that you as the physician, have access to is something purely unique to our company and platform. You gets more accurate and precise data from the TM-Flow report rather than having to perform your own set of tests when the patient comes in for your first visit. It lets the doctors be a step ahead and it saves their time as well as the time of their patient. The physician has the TM-Flow report for first visit with their patient. This is a superior way for a doctor to sit down with their patient and review the science that we have offered them. This helps doctors practice better medicine period.

Superior use of physician time

Through our PECE Marketing System, a new patient has already been identified and qualified for the TM-Flow exam through the online intake form. The credentialed individual at your practice, like the doctor, does have to verify medical necessity, however once medical necessity is validated the patient can be passed onto the technician to get the exam. It is not required for the patient to see the doctor. It saves time, the doctor’s time. The doctor does not have to spend any time on the patient’s first visit.


An average TM-Flow test pays between $250-$600 to the practice, depending on the location and insurance. With the first visit where no physician time is needed, as mentioned above, paired with the $250-$600 for the TM-Flow report and the $125 for the patient coming in a practice makes a significantly higher amount and they help treat their patient more accurately. We are helping add the $250-$600 to that first visit, the practice is then making between $375 to $725 per patient. Overall, your practice makes more money on the first patient acquisition making this an incredible opportunity for practices, and the patients get what they are paying for.


We are marketing the TM-Flow exam as the flagship for new patient acquisition. Our company and platform do not use anxiety marketing, we are pushing down on it. We DO NOT prey on people’s anxieties; we do not want to scare people into submission. What we DO want is for people to make decisions based on reviewing their own symptoms and taking that step towards preventing any serious health complications. You can review and fill out the Intake form as well as book an appointment through our online calendar system.