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Tilt Table Cpt Code


Includes a Galvanic Skin Response Test & Bioimpedance Analysis

Tilt Table Test


Bleeding edge Photoplethysmography

Tilt Table Test


Ankle Brachial Index & Volume Plethysmography

The TM Flow Platform is an integrated system comprising three distinct devices, designed to provide comprehensive diagnostic capabilities:

TBL-ABI: This device enables the measurement of Ankle Brachial Indices and volume plethysmography, crucial for the early detection of Peripheral Artery Disease.

SweatC: By measuring the Galvanic Skin response, the SweatC device helps to assess sudomotor function.

OXI_W: This component utilizes mathematical analysis of photoplethysmography for two critical assessments:

  • Evaluation of the autonomic nervous system via Heart Rate Variability Analysis at rest and during Ewing Tests.
  • Assessment of endothelial function through Photoplethysmography (PTG) Analysis.

The data generated by the TM Flow Platform is managed through cloud-based technology, connecting physicians with specialists (such as cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and neurologists) for insightful interpretation of results.


Get started for $0 out of pocket.

  • Multiple CPT codes offer generous reimbursement
  • Covered by most government and commercial payers
  • Easily implemented into your office flow
  • Considered a capital expense (fully tax-deductible)

100% Financing Available.

Gateway Clinical is an authorized distributor for LD Technology.

Customer Testimonial

I just wanted to let you know that the TM flow has been performing beyond expectations for me. We have made some substantial strides in the diagnosis and treatment of some of our more complicated patients. Reimbursement has been high, and non-problematic.

Also, for ACO’s getting a diagnosis code of G90.1 is worth about $3000 per life/year. So directly approaching them with the addition of this HCC would be a no-brainer.

If you have any clients interested, please refer them to me as a reference, would be happy to advocate for your equipment.

Dr. Frank Lichtenberger,

The dedicated and experienced team at Gateway Clinical is eager to provide you with vital patient data that can help you effectively assess both cardiovascular and autonomic medical conditions. With the TM flow system and services, you can quickly acquire accurate ANS, ABI, and Sudomotor data that will determine both the blood flow throughout your patient’s body and your patient’s neurological condition.

We take pride in the quality and effectiveness of the TM flow system, and the speed at which we can outfit your medical practice with our system. With our help, you can provide your patients with a quick, painless, and stress-free visit when they are in need of ANS testing.

Our team is more than happy to answer any questions and provide helpful tips so that you can get the most out of the TM flow system. For more helpful information and to learn more about our systems, be sure to visit our helpful contact page today and speak with a member of our team.