Neuropathy is a debilitating condition that affects more than 50 million Americans, but it’s still considered a “hidden” disease. Neuropathy causes problems ranging from mild tingling and numbness to severe pain and loss of mobility. Neuropathy can have many causes, including diabetes and vitamin deficiency, but it’s often under-diagnosed. Fortunately, there are treatments available for neuropathy that are proven to work—including TM Flow Therapy!

What is the TM Flow and why is it different?

The TM Flow is a new way of diagnosing peripheral neuropathy. It’s different from the traditional tilt table test, which uses a different protocol and machine. The TM Flow is also more comfortable for patients because it doesn’t involve lying on your back with your legs elevated above your heart while being monitored by multiple people who don’t know you very well—all while wearing unflattering hospital gowns that are too short to cover anything important (if you’re into that).

The TM Flow is more accurate than the traditional tilt table test, as well because it uses an algorithm based on hundreds of measurements taken by doctors using the traditional protocol over many decades; this data has been analyzed by computer scientists at Texas A&M University and then programmed into an algorithm that generates a customized report for each patient that comes in for testing.

Doctors are succeeding by using TM Flow

Doctors are also using TM Flow in their day-to-day work, like diagnosing and treating peripheral neuropathy. They’re utilizing the tool to not only identify the location of nerve damage but to determine which nerves have been affected as well.

Doctors are also using TM Flow to diagnose and treat diabetes. The tool helps doctors detect diabetic neuropathy sooner than they would otherwise be able to, so they can take action before more serious conditions develop.

Doctors are using TM Flow in many ways that relate specifically to peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy pain relief. For example, doctors have found that certain patients respond better when treated with a combination therapy called “the 5/25” plan: 5 minutes on with 25 seconds off every other hour for 16 hours a day (for example: 2:00 PM – 8:00 AM). This is especially helpful because it gives both your body time off from stimulation while still allowing for maximum benefit from each session when you’re using the device properly!

The science behind TM Flow

The TM Flow is based on the science of Sudomotor Testing. Sudomotor testing (ST) is a test that measures the function of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls involuntary functions like digestion, heart rate, and sweating. It also regulates more complex processes such as blood pressure and hormone secretion.

When you’re stressed out or anxious about something—say, your upcoming magazine cover story about how to get ahead at work with TM Flow—your brain sends a signal to your hypothalamus gland. In response to this signal, your hypothalamus secretes a substance called acetylcholine (ACh), which travels through your bloodstream to other parts of your body such as sweat glands found in hands or feet. When it reaches these glands, ACh stimulates them into producing excess sweat so that they can release toxins from within our bodies. This process allows us to stay cool under pressure by flushing away excess heat generated by stressful situations while also cleansing ourselves physically and mentally at once!

How to get started using the TM Flow today!

If you have been interested in using the TM Flow but don’t know where to begin, we can help!

  • Contact the TM Flow team. We are always looking for more clinics and doctors to partner with, so if you are interested in offering this innovative treatment for your patients or staff members please get in touch with us at [email address]
  • Find a clinic near you that is already offering the TM Flow. If there isn’t one close by, contact us—we may be able to help!
  • Contact your insurance company and see if they cover the TM Flow under their plan. If not, ask them why not and let them know how important it is for people in Texas to have access to this treatment option. Leave a review of our product on sites like Yelp or Google+ detailing how much better your life has been since beginning treatment with us at [our location].

The TM Flow was first introduced in Corpus Christi, TX. Now clinics across Texas are adopting this new approach to diagnosing and treating peripheral neuropathy.

The TM Flow was first introduced in Corpus Christi, TX. Now clinics across Texas are adopting this new approach to diagnosing and treating peripheral neuropathy.

The TM Flow was developed by Dr. David Gamm and is based on his experience as a neurologist working with patients who have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes numbness, tingling or pain in the hands or feet. This condition can be caused by several factors including diabetes or chemotherapy drugs like Adriamycin (also known as doxorubicin).


The TM Flow is a revolutionary new approach to diagnosing and treating peripheral neuropathy. It has helped doctors across the country reduce their patient’s pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life. If you want to learn more about how it works, read through our free guide or contact us today!