The Business of ANS Testing

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) testing is a useful tool both clinically & financially when used appropriately in a medical facility. 

“Although there is a wide variety of use for ANS testing, medical facilities must adhere to the guidelines of use from Medicare & private insurance.  Please be aware that regional guidelines vary so we advise that you consult your Local Coverage Determination from Medicare and be aware of the guidelines put forth by each insurance company.”

There are many billing codes associated with ANS testing, however these are the most commonly used.  

CPT Code 95921 – Parasympathetic Nervous System

Heart rate response to deep breathing with recorded R-R interval, Valsalva ratio and 30:15 ratio.

CPT Code 95923 – Sudomotor Testing

Sudomotor testing utilizes sympathetic skin response & monitors humidity in the hands and feet via foot electrode.

CPT Code 93922 – Ankle Brachial Index

Limited bilateral noninvasive physiologic studies of upper or lower extremity arteries.

All Codes are based on Medicare & Private Insurance for 2020. We recommend you check your local carriers for the most accurate guidelines.

Here is a video on how to look up the reimbursements based on a provider’s CMS locality:

Generally speaking reimbursements run around $350 per test and have increased steadily over the past few years.  

Proving it to a practice:

Most primary care practices see at least 20 patients per day, most of whom would qualify for this diagnostic test.  Based on an average acquisition cost of $37,500, plus the typical consumable cost of $3.10 per test, testing two patients/day (5 days a week), a typical client should expect:

Gross Income:                                                                           $14,058.45

Operating Expense Incl Lease & Consumables                $     961.54

Net Monthly Profit                                                                  $ 13,006.91

Annual Net Profit                               $  157,162.95 

2.8 Tests Per month to break even on Capital Lease

2.9 Months to Full Recovery on Investment

Annual ROI:                                      419%

Typical Mutual Funds                      10%

It’s better to invest in yourself and your clinic!

Additional practice benefits of ANS testing:

Convenient Technology Implementation

Reimbursable by Government & Private Payers

Turn Key Solution

$0 Out of Pocket Investment 

Clinically Relevant

Promotes Highest Quality Care

Proven Best Practice to Lower Overall Cost of Care 

Increases MACRA & MIPS scores