Lowering the cost of patient care.


Lowering the cost of patient care.


Lowering the cost of patient care.

Autonomic Nervous System Testing

TM Flow System

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and Vascular Flow Assessment

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Multiple CPT codes offer generous reimbursement

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Tm Flow
ANS Testing

ANS Testing provides tremendous value as an investment to your medical practice. Reduces the cost of overall patient care & easy to bill multi-code diagnostics

Tm Flow
Practice Benefits

Gateway Clinical continues its commitment to recommending devices that not only provide maximum patient care but also make sense from an investment perspective.

Tm Flow
Recommended Products

The TM Flow device now has toe pressure modification. This allows for a toe pressure measurement along with the ankle-brachial index.

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Through Section 179 of the IRS tax code, the U.S. government provides a way to encourage physicians to reinvest in their practice so you can provide patients with the highest quality of service.

Section 179 allows business owners to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and software that was purchased or financed during the tax year, rather than depreciating it over the asset’s useful life.

If, during a specific tax year, your practice purchases or finances new or used medical equipment, and puts it to use by December 31 of the same year, you automatically qualify for the deduction.

Tm Flow


Tm Flow
Tm Flow
Tm Flow
Tm Flow
Tm Flow
Tm Flow


I had a 35 y/o female with T1 DM presented to clinic with s/s of bilateral carpal tunnel for about 1 year. Pt has been diabetic for 30 yrs. No reported cardiac conditions. She takes Lisinopril as a kidney protectant, Levothyroxine, and insulin. She exercises and takes care of herself. Due to her h/o of Diabetes and chronic pain in her hands, I offered and performed TMFLow. Her cardiometabolic risk score was 35%, I retested and received the same score. I performed the recommended labs from PECE and after reviewing the labs with the patient, I referred her to Cardiology. She was very grateful we ran the test.

Sommer Ayers

I think it’s a fantastic diagnostic tool – one that can oftentimes detect problems much earlier than we would find them otherwise, with other types of testing. Workflow hasn’t been adversely affected at all … It’s seamless, it’s simple, and it’s just a no-brainer. There’s no reason not to take a real strong look at it in my mind.

Dr. Stewart Porter

If your practice sees patients that have these conditions, I think any family doctor, any internist, any cardiologist that has this type of practice will benefit from this machine. Because this machine covers so many different diseases and is so beneficial, that I think that a vast majority of doctors will see much better patient outcomes, an increase in their revenue stream, and it’s a very easy machine to use that is not complicated to get started.

Dr. Sasson Moulavi

You have neuropathy in your feet, do they tingle? (yes, for years) “I see it right here.” Then he said, “How long have you had pain in your lower back?” (I twisted my back 2 weeks earlier) He showed me two yellow dots on the screen, he said, “You have nerve blockages here and here.” I was impressed.

John B.,Texas
I’m 72 years young so I need all the medical help that I can receive. The test was quick, and in a few minutes I had the complete results. I met with my medical doctor a few days after taking the test. My doctor took several additional tests, and I’m sure that he will be taking additional tests in a few months. The test was beneficial for my doctor so he could monitor my health condition more closely. Thank you!
Stanley R., Missouri
Diagnosis confirmed
A few months prior to being tested I had went to my regular doctor for a physical and the blood work detected that I was pre-diabetic, I was shocked and thought no way! Being a personal trainer who exercises and watches what I eat, I just didn’t think this was possible. But… I had just got back from a cruise where I did eat poorly so I assumed my numbers were high because of that!
Then a few months later, I was tested on the device and it revealed that I was Insulin Resistant! I was surprised to get those result but it gave me confirmation on what the blood test revealed months earlier. I have now started paying more attention to my diet and living a healthier lifestyle.
Lora S., Lousiana

Nerve damage & vascular
I was a little skeptical at first, then the tech running the test pinpointed some areas where I had pain and showed me hotspots where I had nerve damage in my neck and lower back…. the test revealed some hardening of my arteries as well. My Doctor can now address these problems that would have otherwise been undetected…

Guy G., California

A Huge Eye Opener
My experience after being tested was a huge eye opener. The results struck home harder for me simply because of the ability to look at charts graphs and charts showing my weaknesses visibly instead of hearing a doc ramble about certain numbers and percentages……it helped me understand and incentivized my compliance much more. thanks.

Bryce M., Lousiana


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TM Flow - ANS Testing